How to Create an Account with Google Using Your Domain Email Address

A wide range of features and simplicity in structure makes Google very popular among its millions of users.  A Google account can be very beneficial to you and your business. It features tools such as Google Groups, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Blogger, Gmail, Google sites and more. To enjoy all these services, you need to sign up for a Google Account. This means creating a username, which becomes part of your Gmail address i.e.

If you own a domain, you need to have a domain specific email address that you can use for your business correspondence. Having an additional email address can make management of your email communications a challenge. This is why Google allows you to create a Google account with your existing email address. You can enjoy the services of a Google account without compromising on the benefits of a professional, domain specific email address.

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to set up a Google Account with your domain-specific email address.

  1. Visit and click on the blue sign in button at the top right corner of your screen. This should take you to the sign in page.
  2. Below the sign in box, click on Create account to load the Google Account sign up form
  3. Fill in your First and last name
  4. Leave the “Choose your username” box empty. Click on “I prefer to use my current email address” link below the box. This will allow you to enter your current email address.
  5. You can then enter your current domain specific email address in the username box.
  6. Enter a secure password, confirm it and proceed to fill out your personal details. These include your birth date, gender, phone number, alternative email address and your geographic location.
  7. Once you’ve correctly filled out all the fields, click on the next button to proceed to the next step
  8. Confirm to Google’s Privacy, and Terms then click on Create to finish the process.
  9. Log in to the email address that you entered as your username and follow the instructions from Google to confirm your Google account.
  10. Now, you have officially set up a Google account for your business with your domain name as the email address.


Now you have a domain, business email and Google account sharing a name. This should go a long way towards promoting your brand.

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