How to Host Multiple Domains on a Single IP Address

Internet protocols normally allow one address to host only one domain. However, it’s also possible to host multiple domains on a single IP address. It’s not necessary to have a separate hosting account for every domain you purchase. You can still host multiple domains on one IP to reduce your hosting fees.

If you intend to host more than one websites on one IP address, here’s how to do it.

Virtual hosting

Virtual hosting is where a browser makes a server think that there are different domains with different IP addresses. This is made possible when you transfer protocol receiving a request, which entails a domain name with a request that lets the server link it up with a given virtual domain. This way, it will demand that the browser points to a specific DNS (Domain Name Server) entry.

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But, what’s a DNS?

A DNS, which stands for domain name server, is like a list of domain names. A DNS contains resources, services, and gadgets connected to a given network. The internet uses the DNS to uniquely identify nodes and information being shared in a given network.

There are two major types of virtual hosting;

  • Name-based
  • IP-based
  1. Name-based virtual hosting

Another way of hosting many sites under a single domain is by using a method known as name-based virtual hosting. This approach identifies a site using a name that was set by the client during the time of creation of his/her site. The browser uses several host names for a single Internet protocol address. For this method to work, the given browser has to support the unique features of HTTP/1 .1. This feature allows the browser to include the selected name in the presented request. The given unique host name is what will let a server hosting many sites to under one IP address to return the requested website and all its features.

  1. IP-based virtual hosting

With IP-based virtual hosting, every site points to a unique IP address. The only disadvantage of using this approach is that the server requires a different IP address for each site.


These methods of hosting many sites under one IP address saves website owners from paying unnecessary hosting fees. A site owner only needs to put all his websites under a single IP address, and all he’ll be good to go!

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